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Dear ones ,

               Following are the term of use of our products and services requested on our website i.e.  and allied portals. Please note these are subject to change without prior notice. It is a prudent practice to frequently read our Terms of Use for any alteration we may exercise to be able to serve you better.

               This Terms of Use also enumerates various methods of consuming medicines for your reference and better understanding.

  1. Only sealed products ( each unit laminated separately ) procured on our website / suggestion must be accepted as authentic. Please intimate us any discrepancies immediately( with photos or videos ) to get clarification if any from our designated representative . We may clarify further through electronic medium. You are requested not to start using that product till the issue is satisfactorily resolved. Products collected in-person  from our outlets are not sealed but laminated to keep them dust proof . Please take note of this.
  2. Any product bought from us (online / in-person) will have a detailed description in you account on our website The same will also be digitally conveyed to you. It is advised to tally the same before starting use to avoid errors. You may talk to our representative regarding any further clarification.
  3. Products purchased are only and only for the individual who requests the said product and has provided true information of the desired outcome either verbally or digitally.. We take no responsibility for good or adverse effects of the product if used accidentally or purposefully by anyone other than the said person.
  4. We take proper care (about the quantity and quality) , for the products to last for the duration of days. Any claims beyond the date of end of duration will not be entertained or accepted. Duration period is from the month of manufacturing printed on each product  and not from the time of buying over the counter / online, till 12 midnight of the last day of the end of duration period.
  5. Communication : Not more than 3 telephonic communications of not more than 3 minutes  are allowed per week . You may communicate digitally as much as you wish. We assure prompt reply to your messages and clarify your querries.
  6. Call Backs : We may communicate with you every week to know your progress. This communication is mostly digital , sometimes we may talk to you . We request you to avail comfortable timings to us , so that we do not disturb you . Again the call would be short and precise.
  7. We do not ask for bank details , password or any such information in any way other that what you provide us during placing order and payments. These information is well protected through security socket lockers (SSL) software for the website and the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) when handling branded credit cards from major card scheme.


HOW TO USE       

               Details of their usage are printed on each product and/or digitally conveyed on the registered mode of digital communication i.e. phone number / e-mail id.

               Adverse reactions of our products are rare and self- limiting. A coin sized patch test is recommended before use of every product.